i took a copy of the edit so far so i could share it with you guys and give you an idea of the theme a bit more! 

There’s a very rough edit of the start of the film, but it’s far more developed now and I’ll try and get a copy to show you!

Hey! It’s been a while folks! I’ve been concentrating a lot on my written work for the project, but now I’m starting the film and this is where I want to signal boost my ask for volunteers again!

 In case you don’t know and you’re reading this for the first time in the tags, The Gender Agenda is going to be a short documentary talking about gender, and I’d love to get the online, worldwide community involved.

So I’ve gotten a audio clip already (thanks Elliot!) which was really useful! But it’d be even better if we had more clips and information from other people!

I’m asking anyone who is:

  • ftm
  • mtf
  • genderfluid
  • non binary
  • intersex
  • none of these but still wants to get involved
  • something I’ve missed out or don’t know about

to contact me either HERE, my PERSONAL BLOG, or EMAIL (thegenderagenda@gmail.com) so they can get involved with the project! It’s nothing serious and scary you need to talk about, simply what you identify as, a bit about it, and then your opinions on things such as gender stereotypes and the definition of sex and gender. Get in contact if you want to get involved PLEASE cause it can be something as simple as a sound clip or a written passage, but video clips are the ideal!

Thanks for reading!


Hey new followers! Welcome to the project! I hope this means that even more of you are interested in taking part! So don’t forget, if you have any questions, just drop an ask here, and then if you’ve filmed or written your gender related speech/discussion/opinion, send it on to thegenderagenda@gmail.com stating you give permission for it to be used!

It’d be great to get a start on this project woo!

We’ve gotten a bit of interest from you guys who are following, but not enough!

So if anyone in these tags is interested in taking part in a short student documentary about gender, take a look at the blog and see if you’re interested, it’d be really useful for me!

Hey guys!

First of all, thanks for following! I got a little group of followers last night so thankyou!

I’m hoping this means you’re interested in the project and are thinking of getting involved, which is great yay!

So remember take a look at the tabs on the page and see what you need to know, and if you’ve any questions just message me!

how do i submit a video?


hey! you can submit videos or written work to thegenderagenda@gmail.com, just put it as an attachment and it should get to me!

thanks for getting involved!

-steph :)


Welcome to the start of The Gender Agenda project! I’ll be using this blog to keep you guys up to date on the project and let people know about what i’m doing!

Check out the tabs on the blog to see what’s going on!